Latest Robinwood Homes

    New development matches what has been here and fits in to enhance our sense of livability and friendliness. There are no small lots in the neighborhood. The business district exists along Highway 43 where locally-owned businesses thrive. There are no large retailers in the neighborhood. The Robinwood residents enjoy the pedestrian and biking friendly layout of the business district and the retailers are successful. 

    There are some waterfront homes on the Willamette River along Nixon Ave. However, the Cedaroak Boat ramp offers access to beaches and greenspace along the river. Also, Cedar Island Park is a 14 acre island in the Willamette River. Boat access from the river and Cedar Oak Boat ramp. Pedestrian access from Mary S. Young Park, by floating bridge, during spring, summer, and fall.  Activities include fishing from platforms, hiking trails, and wildlife viewing.

    Parks: Robinwood Park, Cedaroak Boat Ramp, Cedar Island Park and the Mary S. Young Park.

    School: Cedaroak Primary School

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