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    Hidden Springs lies atop a ridge that overlooks the Willamette and Tualatin Rivers. The topography of the neighborhood includes moderate to steep slopes. Elevations on top of the ridge average 550 feet, and Hidden Springs includes West Linn’s highest point at 743 feet. There are several smaller bodies of water in the neighborhood, including Fern, Robin, Trillium, Heron, and Hidden Springs Creeks.

    The majority of Hidden Springs is zoned for single-family detached residential housing. Several portions of the neighborhood are zoned for single- family and multiple-family residences. There are no commercial properties in Hidden Springs.Hidden Springs has 7.07 acres of developed parkland and landscaped areas and an additional 43.39 acres of undeveloped open space.

    HSRRA oversees a small pool and several tennis courts located in the Hidden Springs Ranch neighborhood in West Linn, Oregon.  These recreation facilities were constructed in the late 1970s by the developer of the Hidden Springs Ranch plats for use by the people living within the boundaries of those plats (Hidden Springs Ranch, Tel Kadesh, and Marcourt West).


    Parks: Palomino Mini Park, Benski Park, Sunburst Park

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