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    Arranmore is in the heart of Garden Home off Oleson Road just past Vermont Street and directly accross from Peyton Road. This residential community of approximately 150 homes is easily found with it’s distinctive wide entrance halfway between Raleigh Hills and Garden Home road. Arranmore possibly received it’s name because of is association with the Aaron Frank Estate, for which our neighborhood land was originally part of the grand estate located in what is known as “Garden Home”. He was part of the Meier & Frank family and the property’s home can still be seen because it is the club house for the Frank Estate Apartments.

    The size and layout of the community is a bit deceptive due to gentle slopes and several paved walkways thru green belts. Hidden underground, are the utility poles and wires which doesn’t mary the neighborhood’s appearance and skyline. The neighborhood grew in three phases with over 3 miles of paved pathways and several acres of common ground, along with a wonderful swimming pool facility.

    Schools: Montclair Elementary, Whitford Middle School, Beaverton High School

    Shopping: Raleigh Hills

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