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    The Palisade neighborhood is a low-density neighborhood where houses are primarily owner-occupied and entirely detached single- family residences.

    The Palisades neighborhood is a quiet place where everyone can enjoy tranquility in their home, where lots are separated from each other by a system of greenways and natural buffers.

    There is a municipal golf course, public parks and three historic sites within its bounds. Part of the Boring Lava field, Cooks Butte is an extinct volcano rising to 718 feet above the Stafford Basin. There are numerous small neighborhood entrances to the park with a main entrance. Cooks Butte contains 2 miles of trails which are part of the larger Stafford Basin Pathway and Trail System. Stevens Meadows is an open area with a half mile path that circles the site.

    Parks: Cooks Butte City Park, Luscher Farm

    Shopping: Bridgeport Village, Lake Grove Village Center

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