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    The North Shore-Lake View Summit neighborhood of Lake Owego runs along the entire north shore of Oswego Lake. Many homes have prestigious waterfront settings. Iron Mountain Blvd connects this neighborhood to the outlying amenities. Although grand homes line the waterfront and they have meticulously landscaped properties, some of these homes trade off is for the smaller lots that line the waterfront and closer proximity to neighbors.

    This neighborhood is divided into two with a freight train railroad line which runs alongside Lakeview Blvd and eventually connects to the Lake Oswego Railroad Bridge that crosses the Willamette River. It typically serves only a few freight trains a day.

    Parks: Campbell Native Gardens, Beth Ryan Nature Preserve-The Beth Ryan Nature Reserve is a 2.3 acre forested wetland that covers a substantial portion of the Reserve with wooded slopes and rocky outcroppings surrounding the site. The property is bordered by the Southern Pacific Railroad to the north, Summit Drive to the east, Ridgewood Road to the west, and a rocky bluff to the south. Beth Ryan is open to the public and provides a small trail for wildlife viewing.

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