Denney Whitford Real Estate

    According to the Denney-Whitford Neighborhood Association, the area’s name honors three of Beaverton’s first settlers, the Thomas and Barilla Denney family and W.A. White and A.C. Bedford. The Denneys first stop in Oregon Territory was in the area of Milwaukie. There they met Augustus Fanno, who told them about a fine section of land that adjoined his in the lush Tualatin Valley. They evidently considered it a good piece of land, because by 1850 the Denneys had moved into a three-room log house on their claim, near what is now Scholls Ferry Road and Hall Blvd.

    The Fanno Creek Greenway, near Redtail Golf Course

    Camille Park is adjacent to Whitford Middle school with baseball fields, tennis courts and walking and jogging paths.

    Schools: Raleigh Hills Elementary, Montclair Elementary, Raleigh Park Elementary, Whitford Middle School, Beaverton High School

    Parks: Camille Park, Fanno Creek Greenway

    Shopping: Washington Square Mall

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