Cedar Hills Real Estate

    Near the intersection of highways Oregon Route 217 and U.S. 26, Cedar Hills was the largest single housing tract development in the western United States at the time of its creation in 1961. Cedar Hills is within the Beaverton School District. The Cedar Hills Recreation Center features one indoor basketball/two badminton courts, a baseball/softball field, a grass soccer field, playground, ADA accessible trail and restrooms, picnic tables. Other facilities in the center include aerobics/dance rooms, multipurpose classrooms, gymnasium, gymnastics room, weight room, cardio room, preschool facilities, instructional kitchen and an outdoor playground.

    Homes Association owns and operates a RV storage facility adjacent to the community for boats, trailers and other large transport vehicles that can’t be stored in garages.

    Shopping and dining is convenient at the Cedar Hills Crossing mall.

    Cedar Hills Park is a quaint park which offers some of the best beach-style, volleyball courts, the grounds are beautifully groomed – the grass on the soccer field is full and green. Most picnic benches have a nearby grill. Also there are horseshoe pits, immaculate tennis courts, and decent public restrooms.

    Neighborhood Information:

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