The People of Portland

    One of the rather unexpected side-effects to purchasing a Portland home is the people you will run into while you live in Portland. Portland is far and away one of the weirdest cities in the country (their unofficial motto is “Keep Portland Weird”) while simultaneously being one of the friendliest and most inviting communities. If you were looking for the capital of “Weird-ville” then look no further than Portland. Once you become a Portlander and own a piece of Portland you then become assimilated into the culture of coffee drinking, fashionable dress, and being environmentally conscious. The 8 main types of people you will run into in Portland are:

    • The Hippie – Peace and love is all you need along with outdated stereotypes. Oregon is a very progressive state and has become the hippie-mecca of the United States.
    • The Consummate Professional – This person is great to have as a doctor but generally makes a lousy friend. Always the professional but hardly any fun.
    • The College Kid – There are so many universities in Portland that you are bound to run into your fair share of college students.
    • The Reader – Reading has never been a bad thing but there are those that read almost to a detriment. Portland is full of educated people that enjoy reading all over the city.
    • The Hipster – Portland is loaded with hipsters and is often called the hipster capital of the world. When you put educated, eco-conscious, coffee-drinking, fashionable people together you are bound to get a hipster or two.
    • The Crazy Business Person – Not all business people are crazy, but more often than not you will find an entrepreneur in Portland that is a few cards short of a full deck. They also make the most polite dinner guests.
    • The Avid Outdoor Enthusiast – There are few places like Portland that gives you the access you untethered access to all things “outdoorsy” this close to a city. This person would be Bear Grylls to shame and is a cyclist, jogger, hiker, camper, fisher, and hunter.
    • The Artist – This classification can vary greatly as 70% of the population of Portland are technically artists. This person lives, breathes, and finds art in everything…even if it isn’t there.

    Buying a home in Portland all but guarantees that you will run into all of these people within your first week of living in Portland. Some may be your neighbors, some may be people that you run into at Starbucks, and some will just be the people you pass by on your way to work. Be sure to extend your hand and make yourself available because while they all may have their quirks most of the people in Portland are friendly, caring, and would love to help you paint your new Portland home. Go out and experience Portland for yourself and discover what kind of Portlander you will become. Will you be the “Techie,” the “Classic Geek”, or will you create a new category of your own?

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