The Parks of the Pearl.

    The Pearl DistrictWhen you think of living in the Portland City Center such as the Pearl District the tranquility of  a park does not jump first in mind. What tends to be in your minds eye is The Textures of high rise buildings, Enticing wares in display windows, the Buzz from people interacting. the Energy of movement. the Stimulation of the reflections and absorptions of color. Food and Brews and Shopping!

    I visit the Pearl District when I crave this spectrum of urban fun and Portland style electricity.  If you love living in the thick of it and having a vibrant urban lifestyle – the Pearl District is one of the first places many look to for the wealth and quality of condos available. The Pearl is attracting people from all over the country, both to visit and to live in. It is very clean, safe and friendly. Streets and parks are maintained daily. Search for Condos for Sale in the Pearl District here.

    But rest assured, even a city person needs moments of given tranquility and the developers of the Pearl District have done an incredible job planning this neighborhood to include parks, plazas and promenades. Also, many of the Condominiums offer rooftop terraces, private balconies, atriums and private gardens.

    After dining at one of the many restaurants, a park is nearby to stroll though in the evening. If you own a dog, a dog park is available for them to run around. If you want to take in a game of Bocce with friends-there is a park for that too.

    Here is a list of Parks in the Pearl District.

    Tanner Springs ParkTanner Springs Park

    is quiet and naturalistic. The park is planted with tall native grasses, and includes Oregon oak, red alder and big leaf maple trees, salvaged in the region and planted as mature trees. The ‘wetlands’ vignette can be enjoyed from the benches and stair step grass seats. Often a visiting blue heron and birds can be viewed from here which is a sure sign of success of the parks intention; to have a pocket of nature in the middle of the city.

    Along the pathway of the recreated wetlands an art installation, (to purposely create an insulated feeling from the surrounding buildings), is made of rail tracks recovered from the area placed vertically along the east wall. Some rails date back to 1898. Bullseye Glass, a local glass art company, supplied translucent blue pieces of glass, which are interspersed in the rails. They were painted by Herbert Dreiseitl with scenes of indigenous animals.

    A wooden boardwalk, made of ipê, connects Jamison Park to Tanner Springs Park, two blocks away, and is intended to eventually connect to the Willamette River.


    Jamison ParkJamison Square

    can be a bit hectic during a hot summer day, turning somewhat into an urban beach with kids running amok in the water feature. The focal point of the park is a fountain which simulates a shallow tidal pool. Water cascades from stone joints into low pools as the fountain continuously recirculates treated water with energy efficient pumps and motors.  But this park shines with another ambience after family daytime fun. Through the evening and early night, this park beckons for after dinner strolls, romantic moments and quiet solace with its glittering tree lined paths.



    North Park Blocks

    is more of a playground for both children and adults and serves as an extension of the South Park Blocks tree lined promenade. Features include a Bocce Ball Court, basketball courts, play equipment and public art.  The most recognizable being the 12-foot bronze elephant. The elaborate surface decoration features cloud-shaped curves and birds and animals from ancient Chinese mythology. The piece is titled Da Tung & Xi’an Bao Bao. Translating into “Universal Peace”, “Big Bronze” and “Baby Elephant”.  This park also holds many annual events including the very popular Art in the Pearl and Portland International Beer Festival.






    The Fields“The Fields”

    is to be completed toward the end of 2012! The Fields Park has been held up for years by everything from disagreements regarding what it should include to a lack of proper funding and land use issues. It is currently an off-leash, no frills grassy area that residents bring their dogs to. The final park design will also possess an off leash area.

    Construction started earlier this year to a slow wet start. The park program will include unstructured open space, sitting areas and strolling paths, entry plazas, a water element, a children’s area, a dog area, trees and landscaped areas, and a boardwalk. A future bridge will connect the park to the river through Centennial Mills.

    If you are looking to live in the Pearl District begin your search here on our interactive map.

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