Mid Century Homes – Cedar Hills has them ALL!

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    The new trend in real estate is Mid Century Modern homes, and Cedar Hills has them All. The beauty of mid century builds are the quality of the craftsmanship. Newer homes, despite their size and extravagance, just are not built as well as homes of the past. We can see this everywhere. When driving in the eastside, you can see homes that are nearly 150 years old. Many people think that because they are older, they are falling apart. This could not be further from the truth.

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    In actuality, older homes in many cases are stronger and better built than many homes of today. The fact that many older homes are still standing is a testament to their strength. The quality of materials, especially the wood, were stronger and more durable then what we use today. The law regulates what type of wood we use now in order to protect our environment. As this is all well and good, it has also created poorer quality homes, especially when you are looking at the cookie cutter variety.

    Thus the surge of interest in Mid Century homes. This has followed the overall trend in everything vintage, where we see kids wanting to dress like their grandparents, learn to knit, and do the mashed potatoes while playing vinyl. Whether its your thing, or not, I am here to help.

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