Home Maintenance for the Everyday Home Owner

    So, you just bought your first home in Portland and are over the moon with excitement. What do you do now that you have your home? Home maintenance, for many, is one of those abysmal chores that you avoid at all cost so as not to waste time doing monotonous house work. We all know that we must do our dishes daily (weekly if you are a college kid), our laundry weekly, and dust every so often. These chores are to keep your new home all nice and tidy and to keep you from getting sick. Home maintenance is unlike your daily chores in that its sole purpose is to make sure you keep your home from getting unnecessarily damaged. Here are a few tips to make sure your Portland home lasts through the ages.

    1. Check your gutters. Make sure that you don’t have leaky gutters and that the downspouts drain away from the foundation. Poor drainage can mean that newly finished basement is now a swimming pool.
    2. Inspect all concrete slabs for signs of cracks or movement. Cracks can lead to water shifting the foundation. If your house wasn’t built with wheels then it wasn’t meant to move.
    3. Don’t stack your firewood against your house. Like the yearly warnings about deep frying your turkeys away from your home, your firewood needs to be stored at least 18 inches away.
    4. Leaky faucets are often caused by worn-out washers. Be sure to replace your washers by turning off your water supply and then taking apart the handle and replacing the washer. PLEASE remember to turn off the water first.
    5. Make sure you vacuum out your drying machine’s exhaust duct. Lint gets built up over time and can start a fire. If a fire starts, at least your new basement pool will be safe.
    6. It’s cold in Oregon. Make sure you have your heater and water heater serviced regularly. There is nothing worse than being cold in a cold shower.
    7. Vacuum underneath your refrigerator. You know, that place where you kick ice cubes that fall on the ground? Yes, vacuum that. The coils underneath can get heated up and cause a fire.
    8. Nothing makes you colder in Oregon than having drafty windows. Make sure to check your caulk to see that you have a good seal. Fix as needed. Also, check your weather strips.
    9. Make sure to repair any damage done to your roof or chimney. Roof work can be as easy as replacing shingles but we suggest you find a chimney sweep (yes, that is a real profession, we checked) to look at your chimney and make necessary adjustments and/or repairs.

    Home maintenance can be quite the hassle but it is something that needs to be done regularly. Staying up-to-date on all of your home maintenance needs could be the difference between watching the game in your finished basement/man cave to wading through waste deep water while trying to salvage everything. Staying up on your home maintenance can keep you from spending tens of thousands on home repairs. For now, you have a new home and all the joys that come with that so take the day off and just enjoy your brand new home in Portland.

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