Forest Grove’s Annexation Plans

    Forest Grove Real EstateThe City of Forest Grove may be trying to catch up with the larger Washington County cities by planning to annex unincorporated land located within the city’s urban growth boundary. As of 2009, the city was 4.99 square miles, or nearly 3200 acres. Through this annexation they hope to gain an additional 75 acres.  Officials are hoping to vote sometime in July to expand Forest Grove through annexing the unincorporated land dispersed around the city.

    According to officials, a major reason they hope to annex the 75 acres is that the unincorporated land complicates emergency and utility services delivery throughout the city. Since the 111 lots are spread out throughout the area, officials warn that the unincorporated land complicates emergency and utility services throughout the city.

    The 111 unincorporated lots were intentionally left out when Forest Grove expanded by a previous annexation. Property owners were giving a chance to join the city once again in 2006; however, many voluntarily chose to remain unincorporated. Those who joined the city would have their water bills cut in half. Many owners chose not to get annexed due to personal reasons; however, most did not want to pay the city property taxes. The 2009-2010 local property tax rate for the city was $18.3939 per $1000 of taxable assessed value; however, the city only receives $5.3955 per $1000 of the original tax.

    A public meeting is set for May 14th to inform residents about the potential annexations and about how it will affect the property taxes and water bills of those affected by the potential annexation.

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