Collins View and its many haunts.

    River view cemetery treesIn the Collins View neighborhood, there are a lot of significant landmarks, some full of life and, well, some full of the dead.

    Collins View is a SW Portland neighborhood along an undeveloped stretch of the Willamette River. Take a look at what makes Collins View one of the more unique places in Portland.


    Lewis and Clark College of Arts and Science

    Lewis and Clark CollegeThe beautiful campus is situated on 137 wooded acres in SW Portland’s rolling hillsides. Residents can enjoy the many public events held including the Rogers Science Brown Bag Presentations usually held around 12:00-1:15, presentations are free and dessert is provided. Students present varied topics with titles such as “Biting the Bedrock: How Rivers Cut Through Landscapes” and “Fundamental Mechanistic Investigations of (Pseudo)pericyclic and (Pseudo)coarctate Reactions via CASSCF, CASPT2, and DFT Computational Studies” (!??!) Other events include concert performances, art openings at the Ronna and Eric Hoffmann Gallery of Contemporary Art or sporting events at the Griswold Stadium.


    Lewis and Clark College FootballNeighbors living within the Collins View neighborhood boundaries may utilize Pamplin Sports Center and Aubrey Watzek Library by purchasing a Neighbor Pass ID card. Also the public is welcome to explore their wooded trails, rose garden, and guided tree walk, stop by Maggie’s Café for a scone and latté. Leashed companions are welcome on the grounds as well.


    Riverview Cemetery

    Henry WeinhardHowever, on the other side, almost the entire north and west border of Collins View are cemeteries. There are 5 cemeteries and they are keepers of a big part of Portland’s history.

    Riverview was established in 1882. Monuments in River View Cemetery, read like a list of “Who’s Who” from early Portland, with such notables as William L. Ladd, Henry Failing, Henry Corbett, Henry Pittock, Harvey W. Scott, Simon Benson and Henry Weinhard, our very own nineteenth-century brewer whose beverage legacy survives even today.

    The Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery is a cemetery for American Civil War veterans. Greenwood Hills Cemetery is a pioneer cemetery established in 1882. Ahavai Shalom Cemetery was established in 1871. Beth Israel Cemetery, Aaron Meier, one of the founders of the now gone Meier and Frank Department stores (now Macy’s here in Portland-although I still hear it being called Meier and Franks) his son Julius Meier rests here. He practiced law, and worked in the family business. He served as Governor of Oregon from 1931 – 1935.

    While the college and cemeteries remain the established haunts of Collins View to explore, it also has a great wealth of undeveloped land surrounding the residential streets. Marine Powers Park on the river, Tyron State Park and the pending 146 acres of River View Forest that is expected to be acquired by Portland’s Bureau of Parks & Recreation by summer provide this neighborhood with opportunities to become your favorite place to visit and live.

    Check out our interactive map to see the location of Collins View and see what homes are currently available here.

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