Cedar Hills HOA

    The Cedar Hills HOA main function is to maintain the quality of the properties and the neighborhood in the Beaverton Suburb of Portland, Oregon. It has the usual HOA rules and regulations you’ll find in similar neighborhoods but by walking through the Cedar Hills, you can truly tell they are doing an excellent Job. Cedar Hill Homes for sale

    Beaverton Real Estate has been very fortunate that they have not been hit as hard as the rest of the Portland Metro area with declining home values. Although home prices have gone down, Beaverton homes have retained 75% of its value, which is one of  the lowest of the Portland Oregon Metro Area. The school ratings and neighborhoods suchs as Cedar Hills have really made the biggest difference in this arena.

    Cedar Hills Real Estate has been greatly affected by the HOA and the CCR’s there (Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions). They have relevant rules and regulations that keep the properties beautiful. One example of this is that the neighborhood only allows for home based businesses related to Art, such as music and painting, to operate within the neighborhood. This keeps the community free from traffic congestion and from outside loitering. In addition, the association has discouraged residents from having a business name on a car or truck parked in the driveway. Keeping each home with pleasant and uncommercial views from their properties is favored here and good will between neighborhoods stays intact.

    As I personally have many family members that live in the neighborhood, I have heard a particular story about a house’s landscaping left untended for a long period of time. The grass grew past a certain length, the shrubbery had died, weeds were encroaching. A couple weeks went by, and the house’s landscaping was completely cleaned up by the HOA, and the bill was left on the front door for the homeowners to pick up. As this may be considered imposing, the fact is that having an HOA like Cedar Hills is what makes the value of the properties there continue to grow and homeowners collective interests left protected and undisturbed.

    I highly recommend Cedar Hills in the Portland suburb of Beaverton for those interested in moving to a neighborhood that you can feel secure buying into and has a consistent and active HOA, check out the Cedar Hills website HERE.

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