Big Ads and a Buyer’s Intellect

    Times have changed in the real estate market over the years. The advent of the internet and the acceleration of technological advancement have changed the face of the real estate game for the good. There was once a time when a home seller and their real estate agent had to take out ads in order to attract a buyer because there simply was no other way for an individual real estate office to announce to the world that a new home was now on the market. Times have certainly changed and it would appear that things have been made simpler and more efficient. The biggest development came with the creation and implementation of the Multiple Listing Systems (MLS). As soon as a listing is taken the entire agent population of the associated area or region is immediately informed thanks to the MLS. This means that every agent is put on notice that a new opportunity is here. In many cases, mostly through new technologies, the buyers are directly informed of the new listing before the agent can even let them know about it. Buyers already in the market will know that home is up for sale immediately. An ad is no longer required to do this.

    What about buyers that are not yet actively engaging an agent in the market? How are they made aware of new listings without countless ads? Actually, those future buyers are searching the internet months before they are ready to commit to an agent, much less a house. In most cases, once a home is placed on the MLS, the listing populates a plethora of real estate internet sites where a buyer can easily find it. Now, if no buyers are looking at the listing it is more than likely due to the pricing rather than not being seen (most buyers are very aware of the listings). Like most different professions, the real estate market is often driven by the pricing of the home rather than the marketing that is done for it. Don’t believe us? List your home for $100, $1,000, $10,000, or even $100,000 and see how many people start making offers. There is a price that buyers will pay for each and every home that is for sale regardless if you believe there are buyers out there looking for a home like yours. You make the decision to take the current value of your home rather than simply dropping the price. But, let’s not assume that your home hasn’t sold because it wasn’t advertised aggressively. You could take out a full page front add in the paper and your home wouldn’t sell if the price isn’t right. Does this mean you don’t need an agent to sell your home? Actually, you need a real estate agent more than ever. A well informed real estate professional will be able to help you properly price your house which will do more for your cause than advertising. So, the big ads aren’t going to help dumb down buyers or attract the type of buyers you are looking for. The only way to do that is to talk to a real estate professional today and price your home appropriately.

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