5 Demands For Your Real Estate Agent

    Fannie Mae thinks that you absolutely should have a real estate agent represent you when selling your house and we wholeheartedly agree. If you are thinking of selling your house you may be dreading having to deal with all of the open houses, paperwork, negotiations, and headaches that come with this venture. Hiring a professional real estate agent can take away most of the challenges of selling and a great agents is always worth more than the commission they charge, much like a great doctor or a great accountant. You want a great agent, we all do. In order to find the best agent you must be able to distinguish between the mediocrity and greatness.

    Here are the top 5 demands to make of your real estate agent when selling your home: Tell the truth about the price. Too many agents just take the listing at any price and then try to “work the seller” for a price correction later. Demand that your agent prove to you that they have a belief in the price point that they are suggesting and that they have a plan to sell the house. With the knowledge that every home must first be sold to the buyer and then to the bank, make your agent show you their plan twice. A red flag should be raised if your agent is not discussing this with you. Understand the timetable with which your family is dealing. You are selling your home which means you are moving your family to a new home. Whether your move revolves around the start of a new school year or a new job, your agent needs to know your timetable. Your agent cannot pick the exact date of your move, but they should exert any influence they can to make it work. Remove as many of the challenges as possible. Firstly, it is imperative that your agent knows how to handle the challenges that will arise (and there will be challenges). An agent’s ability to negotiate is critical in this market. Still, the great ones have this ability to relieve you of any of the challenges you may be facing. This is what you seek. Note: You don’t want an agent that has weak negotiating skills. The majority of real estate transactions are predicated on the agent’s ability to negotiate. If your agent can’t negotiate then you are in big trouble.

    Help with the relocation. If you haven’t yet picked your new home, make sure that your agent is capable and willing to help you in that endeavor. Coordination is crucial much the same as your timetables are crucial. In most cases, you should be able to sell your home and immediately move into your new residence. If your agent is great they can make this transition seamless. Get the house sold. This is by far the most important factor of all. You want to make sure that your agent can do what they promised and that is to deliver good news to you upon the sale of your house. Do not allow your agent to forget these motivations as it will help them to best serve you and it will, in the long run, best serve them as well. Make sure that they don’t worry about your feelings more than they worry about your family (family is the most important thing after all). If they discover something needs to be done to attain your goal (i.e. price correction, repair, removing clutter), insist they have the courage to inform you. Good agents know how to deliver good news. Great agents know how to deliver the tough news. In today’s market, you need a GREAT agent.

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