Michael Maisonneuve

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    Growing up, Michael's father worked as a real estate appraiser and Michael observed the process for arriving at the fair market value of a property, accompanied his father on countless walk-through valuations, took photos for comparables, and helped him input the information into his database. Because of this, Michael has a firm understanding of mindset of sellers when it comes to their desired listing price, versus the fair market value of the property.

    Later, working in the mortgage servicing industry, he learned the ins and outs for maintaining a loan and the potential pitfalls borrowers may face when making their payments. Seeing the effects of the housing crisis instilled in him the need to make sure that homeowners knew their options and were well informed in the decision-making process.

    Michael has a passion for teaching, as well. He began designing curriculum in high school for after-school programs at the local middle schools. His passion followed him to his career when he became a training manager at the mortgage servicing company, helping to shift the focus from getting a payment to ensuring that a borrowers' needs were heard and addressed.

    With the prospect of helping potential homeowners achieve their dreams, Michael is excited to join the Matin Real Estate Group with Inspire Realty!

    Michael Maisonneuve
    Oregon Licensed Broker
    Office: 503-468-7517
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    Phone: 503-468-7517

    Michael Maisonneuve

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